We live in an era now where everything is Internet driven. Everything and everyone is using social media as some sort of platform. Here’s the thing that all users need to understand. What you post is how you’ll be treated. If you’re a female and you use those sites to show off your body, then you have to be able handle the attention that comes with that. Don’t expect positive attention of your aren’t portraying positive posts. Now , this isn’t a knock to people who do that, it’s just a double edged sword. Granted, everybody loves nice pictures. Everyone enjoys seeing it. It’s eye candy. Just know that those images mirror themselves both literally and figuratively.


Cruel Intentions

There’s a constant struggle for me to keep this away from using it the same way others use Facebook. I try not to post “status update” on my blog. I don’t feel the need to post every 10 minutes about the weather or about how hungry I am. Me personally, I don’t think that’s what blogging is for and it doesn’t have space on my blog. I blog about things I care about and have strong opinions on and I welcome the feedback. In fact, I encourage it. If I’m going to take the time out of my day to past anything, I’m going to try my best to make it meaningful. This isn’t a knock to people that do that either, its just not what I do. Every social networking site has its own purpose, at least to me they do. For those who take time out of their day to lay eyes on my posts, thanks I appreciate it

Alterations Needed

LOVE……What is love? The age old question right? I’m sure millions of people have posted about this on numerous pages and you probably have read millions of views and thoughts about it. Now I hate to rant, I hate to talk about inevitable topics like love because its so cliché. Everyone has a point of view and its been reiterated so many times. But I would like to give my take. The 2 big questions are, at least for me, is whether or not your love continue to get stronger the more you get to know someone or do you eventually chip away at it when things like trust, infidelity ,loyalty, respect all get violated. Now its easy to say that at the first sign of betrayal you leave. But that’s not what a relationship is about is it?  Aren’t you supposed to be strong enough to forgive your partner? Be a strong enough person to move on from certain thing? Of course, I don’t think love is that specific and a lot of times you cant control but isn’t possible to be settled into something less than the amount you had when you first fell in love? I like to think that eventually over time both parties come down to earth a little and settle at comfortable common ground. Love is different now right? Sure, love is love but is comfort confused for love or is a branch of it? I think it all boils down to things, “It works for us”, being thrown around by a couple. It “works’. I think its nearly impossible to love someone with the same passion 20,30, even 40 years down the road because I believe by that point you just learn to deal with each other. The whole idea just isn’t realistic to me. However, I do feel its possible to love the same person differently at different times. I think loves evolves into other forms of compassion. I think you can fall in love with the same person over and over again for different reasons but never feel the same love twice. Make sense?

What gives you the right?

So I was watching this show on Crackle called Comedian’s in Cars Getting Coffee basically created by Jerry Seinfeld. Its a great idea for a show. Jerry basically drives around town picking up the biggest names and comedy and well, gets coffee. Now I never liked his show or his comedy at all. Im sure a lot of people will disagree because he’s obviously doing something right. With his show in rendition, well known name and tons of money, its hard to argue he isn’t funny. But his style of comedy I always found boring and dry and probably has the most annoying voice ever. He always struck me as the type of person that would be a jerk if you met him in person and he did something in one of his episodes where Amy Schumer was his guest that solidified it for me. They get to a diner to get coffee and Amy orders some food. Very simple order: 2 eggs over easy. He orders: 2 eggs over medium and says he doesn’t want anything else on his plate and as a reflex the waitress asks if he would like toast with that. And he gives her the worst look I have ever seen someone give a waitress. The look basically insinuated that the waitress was to stupid to do her job because Seinfeld himself turns to Amy and tells specifically, “what did I just say?”. Who are you to treat somebody like that? Like what have you given the world besides dry and boring comedy? Even if you cured cancer, you don’t treat anybody like that, especially the person in charge of your food. He already uses the show to show off his car collection, which actually breaks down in this particular episode. he might be a great human being that does a lot of charity work and I might just know about it, but that one instance was more then enough to prove to me that he’s a jerk. Especially if you have the nerve to do that on Television.

As with everything…..

Ok. Interesting topic was discussed a little at work today. Whether or not sex tape is a good career move. Supposedly there was pageant held a few years ago where Miss Delaware lost her title because she made a sex tape. That’s ridiculous if you ask me because she didn’t do anything illegal. We all have sex. Everyone at some point in their lives experience sex. This day and age, everybody is doing it. Now, that doesn’t mean everybody should just go out and make one. I’m just saying it isn’t a crime. They’re tons of people making a good living off of that industry and honestly I think its wrong to judge anybody off of it. A celebrity could do a sex tape and it makes the front page meanwhile most porn actors/actress’ aren’t even a household name. You mean to tell me Miss Delaware is any less of a women or any less attractive because she took part in an act we all do? Nonesense.

Off Season Woes….

The Yankees face big issues going into this next season. A lot of big names hit the market this year and the Yankees could make a few moves to better their chances at wining the pennant. The most sought after player will most likely be Max Scherzer due to his Cy Young award winning year in 2013. He turned down an extension from the tigers that guaranteed him 144 million because he wants 200 million. I don’t think any team will spend that much on a pitcher who’s 30 years old. Other big names like Jon Lester and Hanley Ramirez also hit the market but both are most likely going to demand to much money for the Yankees to address other issues. In my opinion and I’m no baseball insider or anything but, we could sign a few players for relatively cheap and fill up a lot of wholes with guys like Michael Morse who can DH for them and has raw power after hitting 16 home runs and not playing everyday and thriving at AT&T ballpark which is a hard ballpark to hit in. We could also sign Asdrubal Cabrera who has a better than average glove at short and is durable. Casey Janseen is also available. The fireballer from LA shouldn’t be judged on a bad second half. Hell probably come relatively cheap and sure up the back end of our bullpen. Starting pitchers like Edison Volquez and Brett Anderson could give us a solid rotation and not break the bank either. I have no idea what the Yankees payroll is like but if there was any year to spend money, its definitely this year.


Ever had that feeling where someone could be right in front of you and still feel alone? That feeling where you no longer understand each other. Where it’s bigger than people just changing. Where the distance between you and and the person you used to know almost kills you? The spiritual separation hurts. Where you in constant distress and you feel like you need to blame yourself because what other logical reason would it be right? Where you’re no longer worried about losing that person but more worried about whether they’ll remember you.