What gives you the right?

So I was watching this show on Crackle called Comedian’s in Cars Getting Coffee basically created by Jerry Seinfeld. Its a great idea for a show. Jerry basically drives around town picking up the biggest names and comedy and well, gets coffee. Now I never liked his show or his comedy at all. Im sure a lot of people will disagree because he’s obviously doing something right. With his show in rendition, well known name and tons of money, its hard to argue he isn’t funny. But his style of comedy I always found boring and dry and probably has the most annoying voice ever. He always struck me as the type of person that would be a jerk if you met him in person and he did something in one of his episodes where Amy Schumer was his guest that solidified it for me. They get to a diner to get coffee and Amy orders some food. Very simple order: 2 eggs over easy. He orders: 2 eggs over medium and says he doesn’t want anything else on his plate and as a reflex the waitress asks if he would like toast with that. And he gives her the worst look I have ever seen someone give a waitress. The look basically insinuated that the waitress was to stupid to do her job because Seinfeld himself turns to Amy and tells specifically, “what did I just say?”. Who are you to treat somebody like that? Like what have you given the world besides dry and boring comedy? Even if you cured cancer, you don’t treat anybody like that, especially the person in charge of your food. He already uses the show to show off his car collection, which actually breaks down in this particular episode. he might be a great human being that does a lot of charity work and I might just know about it, but that one instance was more then enough to prove to me that he’s a jerk. Especially if you have the nerve to do that on Television.


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